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 Go Gideon Go ! - a dramatic reading

This "story " of  Gideon can be displayed on a screen with different groups reading out loud the parts of Gideon (blue), narrator (white), and the angel (red). These parts could be shown by using different colours.


" Help us Lord ! " The Israelites cried -

Our land's invaded, we have to hide.

The Midianite people have forced us to flee.

Lord said to his people, "You've not listened to me !"


Then an angel came near a big oak tree

Where a young man worked away secretly.

And when the angel called him "mighty one"

It came as news to Gideon.


"The Lord is with you. I do not rave.

Go, go Gideon, your people save ! "


"If the Lord is with me, " Gideon cried -

He seems to be fighting on the Midian's side !

I can't save Israel, I'm not that strong.

I'm the youngest and smallest, you must be wrong !"


I'm sending you but I'll stay right near.

We'll strike down Midian, you've nothing to fear.

O.K , said Gideon, you've promised your word.

I just want to check what I've really heard.

Just a fleece on the floor all wet with dew.

A bone dry fleece but wet ground too !


No hiding now, it's time to show -

Get up Gideon and Go, Go, Go!


You've too many men for Israel to win,

If any should shake, that's where we'll begin.

For victory in battle, the tremblers must leave -

I only want those who truly believe .


Now the Lord said to Gideon,

"You must separate.

Get rid of the soldiers  who drink kneeling, mate !

With only three hundred I've chosen for you

These Israelite soldiers will have to do .


Down in the valley, the Midianites stayed.

Go down Gideon, don't be afraid !

Listen to what the Midainites share,

Sneak up and hear how these people scare.

They're frightened of Gideon's army for sure,

In a dream they've been shown they'd be slaughtered at war.


Gideon worshipped the Lord when he heard of this dream -

Get up, let's get ready, follow my lead !

When I blow on my trumpet - blow yours and then shout -

"FOR THE LORD AND FOR GIDEON ! " Let's start the rout !


At the edge of the camp, where the Midianites lay

Gideon prepared to win ; God's way.

They blew  on their trumpets.

They smashed their jars !

Held up their torches against the stars.


They held their position with eyes open wide.


In the camp there was panic,

Stabbed their own men instead !

Big army of Midian was beaten and fled.

With 300 men, the victory was won.

The Israelite people had learnt how it's done.

For the Lord made the weak and young Gideon grow -

Take His word, trust His way and



P.S. Though my poetry's poor

And not a true rhyme _

Look up Judges and read it some time !

(Judges Chapters 6 & 7 )


Don Stott

Judges 6 & 7

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