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This story could be told by introducing a teddy bear and talking briefly about Pooh Bear . A decorated Christmas tree close by would also help the storytelling.

Pooh Bear closed the door and stepped slowly outside into the bright sunshine. He looked up the path to Piglet's house, humming a little 'It's morning, I'm yawning song' to himself. Then he stopped and scratched his Pooh Bear head.

 Opposite Pooh's house the big fir tree was draped with what looked like ribbons and 'sparkly-shiny stuff'. Pooh looked slowly up to the tree to the very top, and then all the way down to the bottom. Pooh tried hard to think.

'I walk past this tree every day. Was it shiny and sparkly last week?

I walked past this tree yesterday. Was it shiny and sparkly then?'

Pooh thought the answer must be 'no', but it was all a bit confusing for a bear of very little brain. Pooh blinked his eyes five times just to make sure he was really wide awake and when he decided that he must be, he walked as fast as he could to find Piglet.

'Maybe Piglet knows something about what's happened to the tree?' thought Pooh.

It didn't take long before the news spread right around the forest. Soon Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Kanga all stood looking up at the big fir tree at Pooh Corner.

'It might be some strange bird's nest,' squeaked Piglet.

'No, I don't think it could be', said Eeyore. 'Whoever heard of so many nests like that?'

Kanga bounced around the tree three times until she came to sudden stop. She declared, 'It must be a mis-tree! That's what it is.'

As they talked some more there was one thing they all agreed upon. The 'sparkly-shiny' fir tree looked great, especially with the sun shining on it. It looked as if all its branches were covered in lights.

Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger and Kanga all agreed that the tree looked 'great'.

Pooh hadn't had time to decide whether the tree looked 'great' or not, but he thought he'd better catch up. 'It looks great!' said Pooh.

'Maybe we should ask Owl?' said Eeyore. 'I'm sure he knows about tree things.'

Kanga hopped off to find Owl.

Within minutes a very sleepy Owl flew over and sat on a low branch in the Mis-tree.

'Well?' grumbled Eeyore.

'Well? Well?' squeaked Piglet.

'Well? Well? Well?' said Pooh thoughtfully.

'I've seen a tree like this before,' said Owl helpfully.. 'But I don't remember where,' he continued, which left them all staring up to the treetop once again.

Just then Christopher Robin walked down the track towards them. He was carrying a large picnic basket and had a big rug under his arm.

Piglet blurted out, 'What's happened to this tree?'

'It's a mis-tree', said Pooh.

Christopher Robin looked at their puzzled faces and laughed. 'Come and sit here and I'll explain,' Christopher said as he spread the rug out on the pine needles under the tree.

'The mis-tree is a Christmas tree. I decorated it with streamers and sparkly silver things early this morning. It's nearly Christmas!'

'Oh!' gasped Tigger.

'Oh! Oh!' squeaked Piglet.

'Oh! Oh! Oh!' said Pooh.

'God, the Creator of the world, sent his son Jesus to live here with us for a time to show people how much God loves us. At Christmas time we decorate trees to celebrate the birth of the special baby Jesus born at Bethlehem.'

'And now you're all invited to my Christmas party!' Christopher Robin announced, as he opened his basket and took out a special present for each of them.

'This present reminds us of God's gift of Jesus,' said Christopher as he handed Pooh a large jar of honey.

Pooh Bear didn't understand all about the mis-tree Christmas tree, but as he licked his honey-covered lips he agreed with Kanga, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Owl.

'This is surely the best Christmas at 'Pooh Corner' ever!'


 Don Stott, 2005 , http://eliab.com This original story written by Don Stott is based on the Pooh Bear characters introduced by A.A.Milne. The characters and names used in this story are copyright to Disney.




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