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Claudia and Marcus pushed their way through the large crowd who had gathered along the side of the main road leading into Rome. The people who had been gathering for the last hour were in a very happy mood, laughing and calling out as The children  finally managed to squeeze past a portly Roman dressed in fine robes. The crowd then became even more excited as a loud shout went up "There they are. I can see them !"

Then just as suddenly a hush spread towards where the children strained on tip-toe to get a better view. The procession was moving slowly down the hill towards where Marcus and Claudia stood. "Can you see them called Claudia ?"

The soldiers then came into view at the head of the parade. Leading the soldiers was the most impressive man that Marcus had ever seen in his nine years. Sitting astride a magnificent white stallion was the Roman General with his armour glistening in the bright moring sunlight. As the soldiers approached a loud cheer moved like a wave down the hill. Claudia could now see the soldiers all perfectly in step and dressed for battle.

The General had a smile of victory on his face as he passed them by to the steady sound of a drumbeat. The soldiers passed with their sandals clicking on the paved stones of the roadway.

Next in the parade came the centurions also on their fine horses. They were followed shortly by a long line of prisoners each poorly dressed and bound at the wrists by a heavy chain. Marcus looked closely at their sad faces.Several of them seemed to be limping or wounded.

"What's that smell ?" a voice behind Claudia called out . A large cart covered with beautiful flowers then came into their view. Two horses pulled the cart which had large incense pots on top with hot coals underneath. "That's to give thanks to the gods for our great victory" Marcus whispered. Claudia screwed up her nose as she held back a giggle. The remainder of the parade passed quickly with further weapons and foot soldiers bringing up the rear. 

As the large crowd dispersed, Marcus and Claudia followed down the road after the last of the procession. "What will happen to the prisoners ?" Claudia asked." They'll probably become slaves or be put to death" Marcus replied. " I can still smell the incense even now their gone. Let's run up ahead to Capitol hill and see if we can catch another glance." "Which way is the quickest ?" Claudia called as they started to jog. "Don't worry", Marcus laughed, " All roads lead to "A Roma" !"


Don Stott

This story can be used with "Do you smell like a Christian ?"

2 Corinthians 2:14,15

" Thanks be to God, who always leads us iin a triumphal procession in Christ and spreads us everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him. For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing."

Do you smell like a Christian ?