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>>Elizabeth’s Song - Luke 1:39-45

>>Road to Shiloh - Hannah’s Song (LISTEN)

>>The Eagle Song Isaiah 40:27-31

>> Simon’s Song- road to the Cross

>>Thy Will Be Done- the garden of Gethsemene (LISTEN)

The songs you’ll find in this section cover a wide range of styles and moods. I’ve started on making some available to listen to. Click those marked with LISTEN.

>>Put Your Heart On Hold marriage & separation

>>Moving Apart - a song for parents of 13 year olds

>> Nothing Can Separate Us  Romans 8

>>Just a Shepherd Boy    Psalm 19 intro song.

>>The Fragrance of Your Love

>>Do you smell like a Christian ?  

>> Bitterness Breaks - Saul’s Song

Sing praise to the Lord ! <:0

>>Here am I -Healing song

Children’s Songs

#Mr Men like me


# In a house

# Everything is Ready - Luke 14:15-23

# Love is...

# Complaining Connie

# Don’t be afraid - Matt 14:22-36 

# What’s your name ?  *NEW*

# Best Friend (to the” Adams Family” tune)

# Jesus Called Me Peter (to tune “Rock Around the Clock)

#Jesus Heals Lame Man (tune “Where is Thumkin ?)

# Ba-Ba Lost Sheep

# Family Grace (tune “The Doxology”)

# Zaccheus (tune: “Where is thumkin ?)

# Jairus Song tune: Miss Polly had a dolly”

# 3 Big Lions (Daniel) tune: 5 Little Ducks


>>Time to Sleep - a special lullaby for parents (LISTEN)

>>Easter Focus- could also be used as a chant

>>Joshua 1:9

memory verse set to music.

>>I Spy- RahabJoshua 2

>>Take up your matJohn 5

>>Good News Airways

>>Abandoned Child - LISTEN-MP3

>>For the Children-LISTEN-MP3 Song from China visit to orphanage


#God’s Love & Give Me a “J” - 2 songs with familiar tunes but new words & guitar chords

#Bible Song -to tune B.I.N.G.O.

#Lowly Manager- two Christmas Songs *NEW*




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