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Time to Sleep


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Time to Sleep

It's time to sleep my darling,

Close your eyes and rest your head.

Tuck your day into your sheets

Your bedtime story's read.

We've shared, we've talked,

We've cuddled close,

We've bowed our heads to pray.

As I turn the lamplight down

 I hear your small voice say..

"Daddy I'm so frightened

And  at night I'm very scared

I just can't seem to get to sleep

I need you - by my bed."

Your my daughter and I love you

Your still special just to me.

Lay your head upon your pillow -

You know we'll always be

Close beside because of Jesus

And your Father up above

He'll stay with you forever

And surround you with his love.

"Dad, please don't ever leave me.

Will you and mummy stay ?

Will you both be here at morming ?

Will the nightime - pass away ?

I've loved the stars too fondly,

To be frightened by the night.

I know my Father's near me,

Right hear at your bedside,

I've felt His hand upon me

Thru this busy, bustling day,

Each moment paused to think of Him,

I've heard His small voice say..


You know I'll never leave you,

You'll still be close to me,

In your Father's arms - you'll be


I know you're growing stronger

With each passing day you keep.

Your future's warm.

Your father's here.

I  watch you - as you sleep.


Don Stott, copyright Eliab.com



A lullaby- Don & daughter Judith

story , fear , sleep

dad, Father, God

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Time to Sleep

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