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Thy will be done


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Thy will be done

The dark of night is creeping

As we climb the mountain side.

Gethsemene, "my garden", will be our last goodbye.

Our time together's drawing near, but soon will be denied.

Before this day is over, Satan's power will be tried.

Each step now slowly taken, brings me closer to that day -

When light and love and hope will bring my resurrection way.



Watch here and pray, wait for awhile -

James, John and Peter , stay by my side

I'm here on my knees Father God.

I'm here dear Father, Father, Abba, Father-

I know what's  to come -

I know what's begun

Not my will -

But thy will be done (rpt last  two lines)


Watch here and wait

But you sleep - tired, afraid.

Could you not linger one hour,

One hour, while I prayed ?

Temptations surround, betrayal fills the air.

Will you be deceived ? Will you run ? But to where ?



The cup of suff'ring , crushing cup of pain -

I'll drink for you all

So all's not in vain.

My flesh crys !

Straining, draining blood from my brow -

Time is coming , closing near now.


Wake-up-now, let's go

The hour has come !

Thy will be done.

Thy will be done.


Don Stott


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