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Simon's Song


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Simon's Song

The crowd was pressing in on every side.

"Set Barabbas free !"  they yelled and cried. (rpt.)

"Crucify this Jesus !" "Jesus the Messiah !" (rpt.)

Pilate washed his hands and let the people sway

Called for his soldiers then just walked away.

I pushed to the front to get a better view.

My thoughts were racing, " What did this man do ?"

And then I saw Him, he was led away ...

Badly beaten, they had made him pay.

On his head they'd placed a crown of thorns.

Soldiers yelled at Him, spat with scorn.

Upon his wounds they'd placed a heavy load

As he stagged forward with his cross; up the road.


A soldier called me from the crowd nearby

"Carry his cross --He's about to die !"

I held back, but had to obey.

 I don't live here I was going to say -

Then He looked at me; Jesus looked at me

And his eyes, Oh what eyes of love --


So different to the hate I'd seen.

Not a word was spoken, yet I felt he was clean.

I walked behind him up that lonely hill

To the place of death, where I knew they'd kill.


"Jesus, Jesus, what did you do ?"

Why will these soldiers crucify you ?"


"This is Jesus king of the Jews !"

Soldiers still mocked while the crowd abused .

He hung there in pain...and at last He died ---

But something had changed, I felt it inside.

This man was different. I felt he had won.

His death would not end, what his life had begun ! (rpt)


Don Stott

Luke 23:26-49

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