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Road to Shiloh


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Road to Shiloh - Hannah's Song

Walking slow with heavy heart

Road to Shiloh's hard to start

To bring my praise to God up there

The pain inside's just too much to bear

I've felt the taunts, the looks that say

You're somehow less of a wife today

So hard to feel a family

This road to sacrifice for me.


As I kneel in the Sanctu'ry

Calling to the Lord my plea

Tear stream floods my troubled brow,

Please Lord bless me, bless me now !

Stirs the seated priest Eli

Thinks I'm drunk, he hears me cry.

"Sir my soaking prayer's from grief.'

I've made my promise, made my vow.

My child will be the Lord's from now.

If in His grace this barren wife

Willl bear a child to serve for life.


Though some may say that I'm a fool

To give my child up, makes me cruel.

For my son, for my son, Samuel.

I've suckled, loved away my shame,

Still a tear can't hide my pain.

Walking slow now child at side

Soon to Shiloh we'll arrive.

I'm torn to hand this little one,

Yet God has promised me this son.

Could it be that God's grace spread

To other children , Eli said.

Though some may say that I'm a fool

To give my child up, makes me cruel

But for my son, my special one, Samuel.

With woven tears and joy and hope

I bring to Shiloh soon his robe.

My son shall serve in clothing new

Minis'tring my Lord for you.

Somehow God I see your plan

To raise from barren womb, a man

To live as priest, our people lift up high.

Yes some may say that I'm a fool

To give my child up, makes me cruel.

But for my son, for my Lord, Samuel (rpt )


Don Stott , June 15th 2001

1 Samuel 1 & 2




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