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Moving Apart


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Your birthday's ended and I'm all alone

Playing my guitar, thinking how you've grown.

It seems like all those years and candles blown,

Birthday albums full of birthday smiles.


Adjust the collar  as I tie your braid.

Look in the mirror at the hair you've sprayed.

Phone calls seem more frequent and more music's played

Exciting changes, share the plans you've laid.


Did I linger long enough as I shared that storytime ?

Did I take the time to tell you that you'd still be mine

Though I don't see you sitting on your daddy's knee

Though we're moving apart, that's just how it must be.


I've seen your eyes as you look away

Changing feelings, hear your sighs that say

I'm bigger now, I can go my way

Please knock before you enter in my room.


Be home by ten, hear my voice reply

Staying over night, "see you Dad, goodbye ".

It's hard letting go, I can't deny

We've set the course, now we both must try.


Chorus..then repeat first verse


Don Stott. 1987