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Love is 


Love is patient, love is kind

Never envious and never blind.

Love's not boastful, conceited or rude

Love is never selfish and it's never crude.

It never holds a grudge, sticks to the end,

It outlasts all that life can send.

Oh love, l-o-v-e "wo-oh"

Love can face anything.


1. When you wake up in the morning

   Got the breakfast "blues"

   You're rushing for the school bus

     But you've lost your shoes-

     Oh love, l-o-v-e wh-oh,

     Love can face any thing.


2. Mum says to do the dishes

   But there's piles of pots

   Your sister takes your lunch bag

   And your "tummy's" full of spots-

   Oh love, l-o-v-e wh-oh

   Love can face any thing.



3. When your friends desert you

   And you're feeling all alone

   When all your best suggestions

   Only bring a "moan"

   Oh love, l-o-v-e wo-oh,

   Love can face any thing.


4. When you're playing cricket (baseball)

   It's you're turn to bat

   The paceman (pitcher)bowls (throws) a bumper ( a curve ball)

   But you didn't wear your hat -

   Oh love, l-o-v-e wo-oh,

   Love can face any thing.




5. You're teacher calls your name out

   Says you've taken someone's pen

   You know you didn't do it

   But he yells at you again -

   Oh love, l-o-v-e wo-oh

   Love can face anything.


Don Stott


1 Corinthians 13