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Just a Shepherd Boy


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To be used as an intro to reading Psalm 19

Just a shepherd boy, sitting by the fire at night

As embers brightly glow.

Looking to the sky, wonderin' why

 The stars spread far and wide.


Just a shepherd boy, stirring as the daybreak comes

Sees rising sun, above the hills.

Watching thru the day, as champion sun

Makes its run across the sky.

Searing, soaring high, warms his face

Then takes its place

Shepherd boy asks why.

Shepherd boy goes by.


Just a shepherd boy, who's seen God

Through his night and day.

Who's paused to wonder and to pray.

Just a shepherd boy, who hears God

Through his loving law

And wants to please him more.

..Make me a shepherd boy.


Don Stott

Psalm 19