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Jairus Song – (based on Luke 8: 40-56)

(Sung to the tune ‘Miss Polly had a dolly’)

Jairus had a daughter who was sick, sick, sick

So he called for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick

The doctor came with his bag and his hat

He knocked on the door with a rat-a- tat-tat.


Doc. looked at the girl and he shook his head

I’m sorry poor Jairus, she’s almost dead

Best call for the mourners to help you through

There’s nothing much more that I can do!


Jairus heard that Jesus was passing by

He’d heard Jesus healed, so he thought he’d try.

I’ll go ask Jesus to come quick, quick, quick

My only daughter is so very sick.

A crowd of people was pressing in

Jairus saw Jesus speaking so he ran to him

He called out Jesus, please don’t stand by

Lord help my girl, she’s about to die!


They ran to the house where the young girl lay

Jesus called to the crowd she’s just asleep OK?

Wake up young girl, get up and eat

Her eyes opened slowly, she rose to her feet.

Though Jesus clearly told us not to tell

We rejoice and praise God, for my daughter’s well!

© Don Stott http://eliab.com 2011




Jairus Daughter