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I Spy- Rahab


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I Spy - Rahab    Joshua 2

This song could be used as a chant with echo's and clapping beats or tom-tom percussion. Also use as dramatised reading with narrator,king,Rahab,chorus.

Chorus -

I spy,(echo or clapx3),with my eye(echo or claps), something beginning with you.

I spy, with my eye, something beginning that's new.

I spy, with my eye, something beginning that's true.


Joshua, son of Nun,

Sent out two spies to see

Jericho, ho  go

Check out this 'territry".


To Rahab's home.

This woman's known,

High in Jericho's walls.


Now hear the king.

"Check out this thing,

Some spies came by tonight.

To Rahab's,  shout,

Bring them out !"

Don't hide dez spies from sight.


But Rahab said,

They've been and fled

Now chase to Jordan's side.

 While under flax,

High spies relax

And wait for Rahab's call.

'Your way is clear,

Our people fear

We've heard what your God's done.

Please keep me safe,

And my namesake

I'll take you at your word.

Drop down this cord

I'll trust your Lord.

Protect us when you come !'


Spies soon ran,

To Josh-"the man"

To tell what Rahab's done.

'He'll give this land

That's what God's planned

They fear our great Lord's hand.'


It's history,

God set her  free,

Just as He does today.


You figure out

How one big shout

Brought down a city's walls.

How one red cord,

Saved, restored,

A woman of the night.

Chorus 2

I spy, with my eye, something beginning with me.

I spy, with my eye, something beginning that's free.

I spy, with my eye, now I'm beginning to see.


Don Stott, Feb 2002

Joshua 2