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Here am I

I know that deep down inside me

You've changed just who I am

But  my faith in you at times seems small -

I don't quite understand.

I know your word to me's still true,

You promise as I trust in you,

You'll help me understand.


You long to share things with your children.

You still do give today.

I reach out to you Father

Please hear me as I pray.

With a tremor in my voice,

I call to you, I cry -

"Abba Father, abba Father, here am I"


Annoint me with your Spirit Lord,

Touch me, heal me now.

I know your Holy presence here -

Please release you power,

For we long to hear you truly Lord

As you speak to show your way.

Give us kindled  faith

To hear you, boldly say -


"I long to share things with my children,

I still do give today.

I  reach out to younow my child,

I hear you as you pray.

With my gentle love I speak to you,

I call to you, I cry -

My child, my children,

Hear am I." (rpt this line)


Unite us, build us, send us Lord

Each faithful to your call.

Show your love into the world,

Father use us all.

For we long to hear you truly Lord,

As you speak to show the way .

"My child, my children,

Here am I!"



Don Stott, Eliab.com




Hearing God