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Heart on Hold


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Heart on Hold

Country & Western feel

Mornings over, standing waiting by the phone,

You said "no use us talking,

I should have really known "-


Put my heart on hold, you 've left me  -

You won't be com'n home.

Blamed my lack of understanding,

Left an empty dial tone.


I'd known your restless spirit,

Playing games for all to see .

Not showing your true feelings -

Fooled our friends and family.

But  I never thought you'd leave me -

Thought you'd always turn my way.

How to tell it to our children,

How to find the words to say.


Others walk the path we both have been

But I'm left alone with out a dream.

I know that I can't change you -

Lift the shades upon your eyes,

Numb from the words let loose,

I'm weary from your lies.


Through months of separation

I've watched the clock by night.

Timed my anguish and my sorrow,

"What didn't I do right ?"

I've struggled, prayed and called you -

Tried to turn your head my way,

But your so called "new found freedom",

Was standing in my way.


To find that you've been cheated,

Had your history snatched and shared

I could cope and give forgiveness,

If for our children you still cared -

But who'll put them back together,

From the fracture and the pain -

From sleepless nights and cries of rights

Words just don't quite explain.


Each day without that  special love

That leaned upon a dream.

All that's left are broken mem'ries

From a heart that's hard to heal -

Scars that linger, raw reminders,

Of each moment how I feel.


Mornings over, standing waiting by the phone.

Waves of fear still here

But feeling now I've grown.

Call my friend who's known rejection,

Who understood my strain-

Healed my broken broken mem'ries,

Stood beside me through the pain.


Put my heart on hold, you left me -

No you won't be comin' home.

Hung up on me, I'm crying -

But now I know I'm not alone.


Don Stott

This song was written after I heard about some friends  where the husband walked out on  his wife and two young children.