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Elizabeth's Song


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Elizabeth's Song

Mary, Mary, Mary dear

So good to see you here (rpt)


Blessed are you Mary dear

And blessed the son that you will bear.

But why am I the favoured one

That the mother of my Lord should come ?


When I saw you drawing near,

Before your greeting reached my ear

My baby leapt within for joy

God's special gift of a baby boy.


Blessed are you Mary dear,

For you believed what you did hear

The Lord has said it shall be done

You'll bear the Saviour, Lord, your son.


God's turned a page in history

When I saw you come to me

Lord your plans all soon fulfilled

Fears and doubts in me were stilled

Spirit stirring, joy so sweet,

God's special moment

As mothers meet.


Gracious God we praise your name,

Though old and young,

You've healed our shame.

Precious gifts we soon will bear

Mary we've so much to share.

 *Spirit's stirring, joy so sweet,

Special moment

As mothers meet. (rpt*)


Cousin Mary, Mary dear,

So good to see you here.


Don Stott. Dec. 1998


Christmas-- Luke 1:39-45




Jesus birth

John the Baptist