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Don't be afraid !


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Don't be afraid !  (to the tune : 3 blind mice )


Don't be afraid, of wind and waves. (arms wrapped around body then make waves with fingers )

Don't  be afraid of wind and waves.

Jesus is with us (point up)

No need to fear. (both thumbs up, smiling and shake head)

Though we may start sinking, (slowly bobbing down, holding nose)

He's always here (pop up, both hands outstretched in front)

Jesus saves us, (both thumbs point to self)

Now it's time to CHEER ! (pump fist in air. LOUD on cheer)

So don't be afraid ! (both thumbs up)


words Don Stott , 2002, Eliab.com


Matt 14:22-36

Jesus walks on the water