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God's Love


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Two songs with well known tunes with new words for your programs. As these are commercially produced songs the music score cannot be reproduced here without infringing copyright. however the guitiar chords have been included for your convenience.

God's Love

(Tune : The Flintstones)

C          F                   C

God's Love is the best love

F          C                         FGC    G7

That the world has ever, ever known.

C            F           C

Deeper than the ocean

F          C            F       G     C

Is the love that God above has shown.

E                        A7

Higher than the sun and moon and stars

D                            G7

Farther than from Earth to planet Mars.

  C        F            C

God's love is the best love

F          C              F G

That the world has ever, ever

C                F G

Could ever, ever

C              F  G    C

Will ever, ever know

(Yabba dabba     doo !)  


Give me a "J"

( Tune: Twist & Shout )

 B7              E

Give me a "J"

                   A        B7

Echo : ( Give me a "J")


Hit me with an "E"

                           A       B7

Echo: (Hit me with an "E")


And an "S" "U" "S"

                           A       B7

Echo : ( And an "S" "U"  "S" )


Tell me who's the best !

   A   B7



Tell me who is Lord ! 

 A   B7


E      A      B7

He's my friend

     E             A        B7

He's with me to the end (repeat)


O- O- O- O YEAH !