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Jesus loves Mr. Men like me.


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Mr. Topsy Turvy stood on his head,

Mr. Sneeze sneezed till his face went red,

Mr Jelly shook Mr. Lazy awake -

While Mr. Greedy gobbled all the chocolate cake. (repeat last line)


Mr Funny told a funny knock knock joke,

While Mr. Nosey's nose gave Mr. Mean a poke,

Mr. Messy made a messy scrambled egg -

While Mr. Mischief pulled on Mr. Slow's left leg.


Sometimes we're happy, sometimes we're sad,

Sometimes we're all grumpy and feeling quite mad.

Sometimes we're funny or feeling so slow -

We're all like Mr. Men you know.


Mr. Rush rushed in a hurry to school,

Mr. Bounce bounced in the swimming pool,

Mr. tickle tickled Mr. Fussy's hair -

While Mr. Tall dodged big birds in the air.


Mr. Muddle muddled up feeing his cat,

Mr.Bump bumped Mr. Uppity's hat,

Mr. Nonsense sang another nonsense song -

While Mr. Clever found the missing Mr. Wrong.


I  know someone, who's better, who's great !

He loves all Men, whether clumsy or late,

His name is Jesus, He's my friend you see -

He helps Mr. Men that are just like me !

He loves Mr. Men that are just like me !


Don Stott

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