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Have you met Eric, he's a mate (friend) of mine ?

He's only seven, but he's tall as nine.

Well here's my story -

He got out of line.

Started taking things 

And thought it fine.


"Hey cool ", said Eric, "I won't get caught."

But you know the law.

We've all been taught.

Still he kept on "nickin"  without a thought.

"Eric, one day, you're going to pay. Hey !"


You can't keep takin', when you know it's wrong.

Own up and stand up,

'Cause God says be strong.

Hey, Eric, you know right from wrong.

Leave those goodies where they belong !


We're all like Eric, when we cross that line.

Pinching things and then we call them 'mine'.

Hiding from ourselves our deeds of crime.

We need to face the Son,

The one, who knows it's time.

We need to face the Son,

The one, who knows it's time.


Don Stott