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Complaining Connie


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Complaining Connie ( a song for one or two puppets)

Complaining, complaining, complaining Connie was my name.

When things went wrong,

I'd yell out strong -

"I won't play your game !"


My brother Brett wanted me to play.

I'd moan and whine, "Ah, go away!"

Then stamp and rave, really misbehave.

"It's not fair !"  I'd say.


One day at school,

A kid blew his cool .

"All you ever do is just complain!

You won't have a friend.

You'll drive them round the bend,

You've got to change your ways !"


Then that night when I went to bed,

Tears filled my eyes as I prayed and said -

"Jesus , you, are my friend , that's true

I'll follow you  always"


Complaining, complaining, complaining Connie was my name.

Now try to pray

Watch what I say

And honour God each day.


Don Stott, Eliab.com