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Bitterness Breaks - Saul's Song


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Saul's Song

I see a face of a man named Saul,

Striding past the Temple hall

Intent on bringing hurt and shame

To all who follow Jesus name.

Face ablaze with righteous zeal -

In God's name, he'll bring them to heel.


But the bitterness breaks

When love flows thru

Reaching out His hand to you

Takes the strain, feels the pain inside

Dries the tears I cannot hide

The war is done, no need to fight

Wounds now healed,

It's no longer night.

New dawn of love breaks through complete

Brings you safely to his feet.

(replace with following line last time through)

(Last time) His love for you makes bitter sweet.


I see a face all lined and gray,

Regret for all that's passed away.

Family close by -  never seen.

Knots inside, bind her dreams

Years of toil she gave them all

Sacrificed, still they don't call.


I see a face hold back the tears,

Her man has changed thru later years

No longer loved but life sapped dry.

He doesn't care, I don't know why.

But now she pushes all away,

Enough to cope, to live each day.


I see a face confident and sure.

He doesn't need faith at his door.

He's in control. He knows life's game

Yet holds inside his secret shame.

Lash out loud ! Let others burn !

Protect yourself at every turn.


I see a face feeling agony,

Hanging crudely from a tree.

Tormentors raising ridicule

Calling, "King of Jews !", "You fool !"

His powerful claim, His victory,

The centerpoint of history.

As love-lined face pales and dies,

"Forgive them Father God !", he cries


Chorus...But the bitternes breaks.....

His love for you makes bitter sweet.


Don Stott, Eliab.com