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Abandoned Child


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Abandoned Child

In a corner by the wall

Crouching, bowed with vacant eyes.

Abandoned child, alone and shaking,

Easier to pass on by.


It's your pain in my heart

Feels compassion

It's the cry of your soul

Lift the shades, shine His light

Feel compassion

Let the Father's love make whole


To tell you I care oh so deeply

Hurts to see you this way.

Reach to touch your soil-scarred limbs

Lift your head as I pray.


Jesus saw crowds

Felt compassion

Wept for wounded, weary and lame

Touched and healed the broken and outcast

Through the power of His name.


See your small acts of kindness-

The sharing of bread.

A touch, a faint smile

Or a nod of your head.


Lord take my hands,

Show compassion

Let your love flow oh so free

Lift, restore hope and healing

Lord use even me.

Chorus..'Cause it's your pain in my heart..


(c) Don Stott, in China , October, 2002.


I wrote this song while visiting a welfare home in China.

Jesus, care, kindness, compassion,,love,

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