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Puppets- Free Skits !

>>Against the tide

>>Bread of Life

>>Demons are Real Pigs 


>>Follow the leader

>>Humble ?


>>Judging Others


>>Love your enemies

>>Little help from my friend


>>Noah,F aith & the Flood

>>Special to God

>>David & the Giant Goliath

>>Who’s the boss ?

>>Run the Race

>>What a Gift!-Pentecost

>>Neigbourhood Watch -good Samaritan

>>The Commandments

>>Salt & Light

>>The Concert

>>Who’s Laughing Now?-Abraham/Sarah

>>Don’t Argue -

>>Feel like giving up.

>>It’s Father’s Day

>>Light Up My Life

>>The Real Dirt

>>Who is Wise?

>>The Best Teacher -Pentecost/Holy Spirit

>Open Door -Jesus is the door-New

>Work Together in Unity- Philippians

>Lost & Found - the lost son

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Easter is Coming!
Digger & Don

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“Christmas is Coming !”

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Free Eliab Christmas Skits

Christmas Puppet Plays

Featured Easter Skits

>>The Shape of Easter *NEW*

>>What is Lent ?

>>Palm Sunday

>>Hot Cross Buns

>New! “Easter is Coming!” 12 page PDF Booklet of resources plus free Colouring sheets

>>Easter Search

>>It’s Easter

>>Peter’s denial *NEW*

>>Eliab’s Easter Resources

20 Ways to use a puppet teach a memory verse

20 Ways to use a puppet

Getting started with puppets


puppet plays

Free Christmas photos

>Eliab Free Coloring Sheets- Genesis : Creation & Joseph series PDF *NEW*

>NEW “Easter is Coming!” Puppet plays, chants,story, coloring sheets, easter web links.

>NEW  “Christmas is Coming !” 12 page PDF Booklet. 

Christmas puppet plays,Christmas stories, Christmas chants and responses,





Peter’s denial

Luke 22