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Work Together in Unity

“…be like minded..being one in spirit and purpose.” “ Look out for the interests of others.” Philippians 2:2,4

This script was used in an all-age worship service as a prelude to a talk from Philippians 2:1-11 on Unity and Humility.

Bentley ( Dog puppet) and Don

D. Hi Bentley how are you?

B. Woof, Woof! I’m ‘kinda’ OK thank you. Not bad for and old dog with new ticks.

D. What have you been up to lately?

B. Well I’m still working on ‘my projects’. No. 2 tunnel is almost completed- right under the veggie patch and almost to the fence line. Except I got a bit distracted.

D. With what?

B. I’d forgotten about the 1999 stash of bones I’d buried ( a very good year, though a bit on the nose now). My best friend Rolly came over to lend a paw to the digging but we ended up having a big disagreement (dog fight) and now he’s high tailed it back to his house.

D. What did you fight over?

B. Who should go first down the tunnel of course. I thought I should because I’m the eldest and it’s my backyard and frankly Rolly’s overweight ! (He’s been to “Woof Watchers”( or local weight loss program) three times and he’s still got two double chins and a jelly belly).

D. So now you have to dig your tunnel all alone. That can’t be much fun.

B. You’re right. It’s much slower.

D. Maybe you could go to Rolly’s house and work out your problems? He’s been your best friend for ages.

B. You mean apologize for calling him a “lazy Lab”?

D. That’s right.

B. I guess. I do miss Rolly. He’s fun to be with and he makes me laugh when he does great big…

D. Far too much information Bentley! You know this thing with your friend reminds me of something we’re talking about in church today. A long time ago a guy named Paul, a follower of Jesus, wrote a letter to his friends encouraging them to work together, to help one another, forget their differences and consider others needs.

B. I never thought of humans as having feelings. I mean “sit”, “on your bed”, ”shake a paw” are all pretty primitive…

D. Well Paul wanted Christians to follow Jesus example of putting other first.

B. Well Rolly is certainly a very needy dog and I guess he’s till my friend. I will invite him over to play games on my “idog” and then maybe we could get back to tunneling. I’ll let him go first. The exercise will probably do us both good. Once under the fence we begin “a special hops mission” To get past “Jaws- their cat. I’d best run. See you.

D. Ok.Bye bye Bentley!

B. “Bone-a-vista!”

© Don Stott, eliab.com, 2009

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