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Who's the Boss ?


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Who's the Boss ?

This skit was used as an introduction to talking about the theme of authority. Especially Jesus' authority over us.

D= Don , B= Bentley,  a large dog puppet character.

D. Hi Bentley ! How are you going ?

B. I'm not going at the moment.  I'm very down in the collar with Napoleon.

D. Who's Napoleon ?

B. My friend Napoleon Bone-apart. He's just become so bossy, ordering me around. He wants me to always do what he wants.

D. What kind of things ?

B. Well yesterday we were supposed to go for a walk...Everyday we do the same thing, we always walk around the block past Fifi's house...{aside}(but that's another story)..Anyway, when he arrived to go he just said "no walking today ! We're going digging in your back yard." He wanted to take over telling me how to build  my tunnel under the fence that I've been working on for months!

D. Couldn't you talk to him and tell him you weren't happy with him giving orders. Surely you could work it out.

B. Well he's not usually bossy like that. We've been dog-mates for along time. I mean I've been through the master-dog - "sit, roll-over, paw-up/down thing " but this was different coming from a friend. ...Who gives you orders then ?? Do you have obedience training?

D...You mean "roll over " ?? Well it's a bit different with humans Bentley. You see we don't really call them orders or commands but there are times when we let someone tell us what to do or how to do something because we respect them. ...Like I try to obey God because I love Him and know He wants the best for me.

B. Well I wouldn't say I "loved" Napoleon. It's a bit hard to love a dog-mate who burps when he's introduced to you,  but I guess I could say he has been there for me like when I hurt my nose in the "lawnmower incident".

D. He does sound like a friend .I'm sure you'll be able to work the "bossy thing"  out with him.

B. I guess so. I'll give him a call on my "pooch-mobile" and see if he wants to come on over and watch a video.

D. Which one ?

B. "Bark to the Future". ... Cya !

Don Stott, http://Eliab.com , 2003








Mark 2:18-3;6

John 5:19-29