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Who's Laughing Now!

Genesis 21:  Abraham, Sarah & Isaac

D= Don , R=Ricky (Puppet)


D. Hi Ricky! Great to see you. How have you been?

R. I'm stoked- feeling great. Hey what's happening here this morning?

All these people- little people and big people. Awake people and people and who are still trying to wake up.

D. Well I hope you're awake Ricky.

R. Helps me grow taller.

D. What does?

R. Sleep long.

D. Look we're having a special family worship service today and we've just heard from the Bible about Abraham and Sarah having a baby in their old age.

R. Hold you horsehead!

D. Horses.

R. Did you say old age?

D. We both did actually. Yes. Abraham was 100 and his wife Sarah was 90 when she had her first child.

R. Look I don't know much about babies, but every puppet knows that old people can't have babies. It's impossible! No way Jose! Old people might be grannies or grandpas but that's it.

So is this a made-up story?

D. Well it's actually a true story from the book of Genesis, from a long time ago. Right through the Bible we see God doing amazing things and how he keeps His promises to Abraham be the father of many nations.

R. If I were old Abraham or Sarah I would have just laughed at God and said " Very funny God. Good one. Knock. Knock. Who's there? Sorry, you'll have to speak up, I'm about to have my afternoon doze in the sun. Oh you want us to have a baby?? Ha. Ha. Ha!"

D. It's funny you should say that because both Abraham and Sarah did laugh at the idea of having a baby but eventually, when it was impossible, God did give them a beautiful baby boy.

R. I guess all Abraham and Sarah's friends at the retirement village were very happy for them.

D. No Ricky they were in tents.

R. I'd say they were! Well I know who's laughing now!  It sounds like God did what he said even if not everyone always believed in him.

D. And the baby's name was "Isaac" which means "he laughs".

R. Cool! Mushrooms!

D. Mushrooms?

R. 'He laughs' -He's a"fungi"!

D. Thanks Ricky. I think it's time to go now.

R. Just one last thing. Could I ask all the awake young people here?

D. If you must.

R. Knock. Knock

D. Who's there? (get crowd involved)

R. Sarah.

D. Sarah who?

R. Is Sarah doctor around here someplace?  An old lady's having a baby!

D. Bye Ricky. After a sick joke like that you might need the doctor more.

©Don Stott, 2005, http://Eliab.com