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Who Is Wise?

A puppet script used to introduce James 3:13-18

R= Ronnie, puppet or vent doll.

D= Don, leader

D. Hi Ronnie! I haven’t seen you in ages. What’s been happening?

R. Well we had a great family holiday at “Indented Head”. I took lot’s and lot’s of photos with my new camera. My mum, Ronneeta, joked I was like the “puppetrazzi”.

But now I’m back at school and things have been really hard.

D. What do you mean?

R. Well, my mates (or used to be my mates) ‘Gazza’ and ‘Fish’ (we call him Fish ‘cause he’s got a flat head) any way, they “sucked up” to Miss Razor to be class captain.

And you didn’t think they should be?

R. No way! I ran the best campaign but when it came to the vote they bribed everyone with chocolate frogs. And Miss Razor ( we call her Miss Razor because… 

D. (Interrupting) Hang on.

R. Miss Razor did nothing. Right now I feel like “splatterating them”

D. O.K, O.K, Just take it easy. No point in getting yourself all worked up. You’re going red in the, in the, nose. What you need is some wisdom on how to solve this problem.

R. Wisdom? Wisdom! More like “wiz dumb”! That’s what they are!

D. If you keep being angry with them all you’ll do is make things worse for yourself and probably others to. Don’t you think you could sort things out? After all they were your best friends.

R. Yeah maybe you’re right. As mum says “ There’s bigger fish to fry” I guess it  wasn’t too smart calling “Gazza” a “funky monkey”. I know he hates that.

D.. Perhaps if you offer to help them in some way you could be friends again.

R. I’m not sure. I guess I could try again for captain next year. I do know Gazza was looking for someone to organize the school concert. “Dancing with the puppets”.

D. Why don’t you offer to help?

Yeah, and maybe I could “Break Dance” as well.

D. I’m sure you would.

R. I’ll go see them now . See you ‘round like a doughnut’. 

D. By for now Ronnie!