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The Shape of Easter


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The Shape of Easter

Dog puppet (Bentley-B) and adult (D)

Four large colourful cardboard shapes - a star, a doughnut , a banana,and a cross.


D. Hi Bentley !  I wonder if you can help us today ? I'm talking to the boys and girls about the things that remind us of Easter. I've got some shapes here today and I want you to tell me what each one reminds you of ?

B. Like a guessing game ?  Am I allowed to sniff them ?

D. If you must . O.K,  ready ?

B. Bones !

D. Hey wait. I haven't even shown you the shape yet.

B. But I know it's going to remind me of bones. I feel it in here...in my..

D. (interrupting..while holding up the STAR shape) What about this ?

B. (sniffing then thinking ...)

D. Why don't I ask the girls and boys ? (get responses )

B. Well I was going to say that ...a "bonestar". (singing) "Twinkle twinkle little bonestar".

D. Bentley I don't think it's got anything to do with bones. Now try this next shape. (hold up the DOUGHNUT shape)

B. I know ! I know ! It's a "bonenut" !...very tasty.

D. What else could it be girls and boys ? ( A porthole[ look through it] , a halo [ hold over head] , a big CD ..a ring )

D. Next one. What does this shape remind you of ? ( hold up the BANANA shape).

B. (Bentley sniffs the shape)

D. I'll ask the boys and girls first..( a smile/frown , the moon, ..a banana..)

B. That's right . It's a "bonenana" !

D. Bentley all you can think about is bones. There's only one more shape to go. What about this ? (hold up the CROSS/crucifix shape, but hold it like a sword first).

Let me ask the boys and girls. ( a sword, a key maybe, or a cross).

B. Is it a "hot cross bone"?

D. Bentley as we come close to Easter there are lots of things on our minds. The bunnies, the eggs, the hot cross buns... but the most important thing that reminds me of Easter  is the cross. When I see people wearing a cross around their  neck it's a reminder of Jesus death on a cross and all that He has done for us. That's something certainly worth thinking about.

B. Well all this talk about bones has made me mighty hungry. I think I remember where I buried something shaped like a bone last Easter. I might just go and dig it up right now. Have a Happy Easter everyone !


(c) Don Stott, http://www.eliab.com ,2004


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