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A puppet play for 2 characters - Ronnie & Maxine

 R. Ha, ha. Gave you a fright, didn't I ?  I gave Peppi one when I told I was going to do it ?

M. What are you really doing in the concert ?

R. Peppi and I are playing a trumpet. (calls off) Aren't we going to play a trumpet, Peppi . We're going to toot the trumpet.

M. I do wish Peppi would come out and say hello.

R. He doesn't want you  to see him in his fancy costume.

M. Oh - but did you say that you were playing a trumpet ?

R. Well, actually, Peppi's playing it. I'm going to be the conductor.

M. Do you know anything about music ?

R. Enough to be a conductor. You don't have to play anything. You just stand in front and wave a stick about. I can do that. La la la la la lalalalah !!

M. Oh Ronnie. What else is happening in this concert ?

R. There's the daredevil diving act.

M. What's that ?

R. That's why Peppi's wearing the costume. He climbs up to the top of a very high tower. Then he dives into a bucket of water that I am holding down below.

M. Isn't that hard to do /

R. My word it is ! That bucket of water gets very heavy and I've got to hold it while he climbs to the top.

M. I mean, isn't that hard to do ?

R. We'll tell you after we've tried it.

M. You've never done it before ?

R. No, but it should be all right....I've been practising.

M. Practising what ?

R. Holding the bucket.

M. Ronnie, you can't do these things. You might as well do lion taming and tightrope walking and turn somersaults on the flying trapeze....or fire Peppi from a cannon.

R. Now there's a great idea !  Where can I get a cannon ??

M. Ronnie, this is nonsense. You are not to do anything silly or dangerous.

R. You sound just like Peppi.

M. I never know if you are serious or not. People who do those things have to practise. It takes a lot of time.

R. Well the concert isn't for two days yet. ( Calls off) We'll be all right, Pepp ! .... (Looking around) Oh, he's gone. That's your fault !

M. My fault ?

R. You must have frightened him talking about firing him out of a cannon. I'd better go and tell him it's all right. (Exit)

M. (Calls after) And tell him you are not to do any of those things. Peppi can just play the trumpet.

( to audience) I hope Ronnie isn't silly enough to think he could do all those things.. And yet, ..some people think they can do things without finding out first how they're done. Have you ever tried to make something without following the proper instructions ?  Some people even try to live -  to face life's difficulties, troubles  and temptations without discovering and learning how to live.  The one reliable guide is the Bible. In the gospels of Matthew. Mark , Luke and John our Lord Jesus tells us what to believe and show us how to behave. That's why those who are wise read and obey Him. Jesus says " if you love me, keep my commandments."




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