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The Commandments


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The Commandments

A skit used to introduce teaching on 'the commandments' using  a dog puppet (Bentley) and a person (D) or another puppet.

       D. Hi Bentley ! I haven't  seen you around much lately.

       B.Well I've been very busy on holidays. I've been digging lots of holesin fact a "hole-a-day". But tomorrow I have to start school again.

         D. I didn't know dogs went to school.

    B. This is "obedience school".

    D. Obedience school ?

    B. Yeah, you know what they say. "You can't teach an old dog new tricks".     Well , I'm proving them right !

    D. What do you learn there ?

    B. Oh, the standard stuff. Commands like "sit", "lie down", "roll over", "fetch". "Flea".

    D. Flea ?

    B. Yeah, I've got one right behind my ear. Scratch please. Obedience school is pretty hard.    I'm really the kinda dog who likes to do his own thing... You know,"Flealance".

    D. Funny you should talk about following commands. Today we're here talking about "the ten commandments"

    R. Really ? (I suppose 'every dogma has it's day'.) You mean you have to learn to "stay" as well ?

    D. Not exactly, but we have been given some special laws to help us live our lives the way God wants us to. Laws like 'love god', and "put Him first".

    B. Look, I think I get the "loving part". I just can't wait till my master gets home. I want to rush up and dive into his arms and lick his ugly face all--ll over. But I'm commanded to "wait", "sit" , "stay" !... I'ts all a bit too much.

    D. Never mind Bentley. People sometimes have just as much trouble following God's commanments. Without Jesus help we also struggle. Anyway I hope school is not too hard for you tomorrow .

    B. The best part is I get to bring my own food for morning recess. ..In my picnic hampster !

    D. Hamper

    B. No. Hamster. ..Oops, I've given it away!  I guess I'd better "woof off !" for now "Cya"!

    D. Bye bye Bentley.


    (parting comment by Bentley if in worship service : "Aren't we going to sing the "dogology"?)


    ©  Don Stott , http://eliab.com, 2004


ten commandments




Exodus 20

Deuteronomy 5