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The Best Teacher


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The Best Teacher
A  short intro skit for Pentecost. Ronnie (R) and Don (D)

D. Hi Ronnie, how are you ?
R. Not bad ...although I'm not looking forward to going back to school tomorrow.
D. Why not ? Have you done something wrong ?
R. No , nothing like that. It's just that last Friday was a "real shocker" !
D. What do you mean ?
R. Well Mrs. Edwards, out teacher was away sick and we had an emergency teacher (relief teacher/substitute). I usually enjoy having someone different to teach us but this teacher was "unreal "..She was so disorganized and she wouldn't listen to what we had to say. She was also ....cross eyed
D. Cross- eyed ??
R. ..couldn't control her pupils. She would let us go out to recess on time because she forgot  to give us some LIP test or something. So we had to sit there and do Maths for the first part of recess.  Everything she did all day made things worse. She asked  Leonardo " Do you know  what family the walrus belongs to ? and he replied .."no one in our street Miss" .. She got really mad.
D. Well perhaps you'll appreciate Mrs Edwards even more when she gets back to school.
R. Well at least she lets us out on time and doesn't make us sit next to girls.
D. I thought you liked girls ?
R. Ahhhh ... it's enough to make me break my 40 minute famine. I must go and smell a banana, cake or anything..
Ronnie exits.

Ronnie didn't like his Emergency/Relief  teacher much did he ? When Jesus returned to heaven he said he would leave us a counsellor and guide..someone who would "lead us into all truth " The Holy Spirit  is not like Ronnies relief teacher, who seemed unprepared and not understanding. This teacher - the Holy Spirit is to be with us always and to teach us just like Jesus did. He wants us to learn from Him.

Q. Why did God send the Holy Spirit ?
A. The Holy Spirit was given to reveal Jesus to me.



Holy Spirit