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Vent puppet Ronnie & Don

D. How are you Ronnie ?

R. Not too wide awake. I dreamt I accidentally ate my doona.

D. How do you feel ?

R. " A little down in the mouth. "

D. Well I need your help this morning to remind everyone that "we are all special to God." I've been thinking about what important things we need at Sunday School today - song sheets, textas, leaders.. We could do without all these things and still have fun together .  Then it came to me , what we need is lollies !

R. Did you know that lollies cover all the food groups ?

Dairy - milk bottles ( or appropriate lollies)

Vegetables - Jelly beans

Fruit - raspberries

Protein - snakes

Carbohydrate - chocolate

Sugar & Fats - No,.. I think that's the only category not covered.

D. Which one so you like the best ?

R. I can't decide they're all fantastic. I don't have a favourite lolly.

D. Well that's like God with us. God doesn't have favourites. God thinks we're all special. We're wonderfully made and God loves us just the way we are.

R. What kind of fruit is red when it is green ?

D. (shakes head) Beats me.

R. Blackberry

( Could lead into singing the song Jesus Loves Mr. Men Like Me. )

Don Stott