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Matthew 5:13-16

A skit to introduce teaching on the theme Salt & Light.

Don (D) and Ricky-Vent puppet (R)

D. (Reading Bible) "You are the salt of the earth".

R. I..am..the..salt..of..the..earth.

   What are we cooking?

D. We're not cooking.

R. Then why am I the salt?

     Mum uses salt when she cooks stuff in the saucepan.

D. Jesus is talking about people being salty.

R. Oh, so it's just people is it?

   Don't VTM's get to be salt as well?

D. VTM's?

R. Very Talented Mannequins.

D. (aside) Dummies

R. I heard that!

D. Look Ricky, Jesus is just trying to remind everyone that if we follow him then our lives should make a difference.

R. Salt was used in the ancient world to preserve food from spoiling.

D. Where did you learn that?

R. I pinched your line from the script.

   So if we're salt. We have to do what salt does. Spice things up.. like cooking.

D. Like people. Otherwise, what's the use?

R. Salty faulty.

D. Throw it away!

R. Grind in the ground!

D. (Reading Bible) " You are the light of the world"

R. I..am..the..light..of..the..world.

D. "A city on a hill cannot be hidden."

R. Unlessunlessunless it's really dark and it's foggy and it's a dust storm...with locusts and the powers off and my eyes are shut.

D. Jesus is talking about people's lives lighting up dark places.

R. Light relief.

D. No point in sticking a light under a bowl. It can't be seen.

R. Unless...unless...unless you're catching mosquitoes or it's a really big light and a tiny,tiny bowl or..

D. Light is meant to shine and be seen. Jesus wants people to be like that. We're to do things which will make a difference..even if it's not always easy.

R. Not hide in a dark cupboard!

D. No

R. Or a dark suitcase!

D. Salt and

R. Light!

D. For the whole world.

Say goodbye Ricky!

R. Lighten up.

(Music walking off "This little light of mine".)

(c) Don Stott, www.Eliab.com, 2005