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Run the Race

A puppet skit for two - Ronnie & Don

R. What are you reading ?

D. I'm reading from the Bible , Hebrews 12:1&2 "let us run with perseverance the

race marked out for us."

R. Well I'm ready to run.

D. Run what ?

R. Run with Percy.

D. Percy who ?

R. Percy Verance.

D. Oh Ronnie, "perseverance" isn't a person. It means to keep going when things

are hard or difficult.

R. Well they're hard at the moment. I've been training twice a day for the last week....and I'm also on a high fibre diet ! I'm getting ready for the next Olympics. I just haven't figured out which event I should enter.

D. Ronny you can't just compete in the Olympics after training for one week. Athletes train for months or years on end.

R. Is that painful ? .. on your end ?

D. Did you realize there is only one difference between "go for gold !" and "go for God!"

R. No-el

D. It makes all the difference who you put first in your life. Gold or God.

R. ..And running with Percy.

D. That's right. Who knows maybe one day there might be a  "puppet Olympics" and you could be in it.

R. If I keep on training...I might even carry the torch.

D. (aside) You could just use your nose. {Ronny has a bright red nose}

R. You can talk. Well I've got to run ....can I say that ?

D. Would you like to join us in saying "The Peace" with us


R. Like passing the torch ?

D. OK Ron - "Go for God... and also with you !"

(Congregation are invited to greet one another)


Don Stott, Eliab.com




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