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Palm Sunday


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Palm Sunday

A script for a donkey puppet (Dan)and a person (D on) or another puppet friend

Don.   Hi Dan. Great to see you ! What's been happening ?

Dan.   Not much. I've just been horsing around.

D. Well you've come just on the right morning 'cause today is Palm Sunday.

Dan.   I've heard of a date sundae and an icecream sundae, but I don't think a palm sundae would taste very nice.

D. No Dan, Palm Sunday is not something you eat. ...It's a special celebration day for christians.

Dan.   Are there any donkeys in this celebration ?

D. Well as a matter of fact ther are. That was along time ago. A donkey carried Jesus in a special parade into the city of Jerusalem. There were great crowds of people calling out "Hosanna" waving palm branches as Jesus passed by. Some people threw their coats onto  the road for the donkey carrying Jesus to walk over.

Dan.   Like the "Man-of- LaMuncha" ?

D. No...nothing like the "Man-of-LaMancha"

Dan.   Woah ! Didn't the donkey walk over the coats ?

D. Yes ??

Dan.   "Donkey-coats-see"

D. Don Quixote....The people's coats on the road were a sign of honour to king Jesus. The crowd expected big things from Jesus..

Dan. It must have been very special to have carried the the King.  Did the donkey live with him in the palace ?

D. No Dan. This King didn't have a palace.  he ...

Dan. (interrupting) ..I know, he probably went back to his owner and the king lived happily ever after.

D. Well there's much more to this story than that but, yes, he did live happily...

Dan. I hope you have a great Palm Sunday but I must clop along now... I want to watch my favourite T.V show.

D. What's that ?

Dan. "NEIGHbours" of course. (substitute local program with donkeys or horses like "Mr. Ed")


Don Stott,www.eliab.com, 2003



Palm Sunday




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