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Noah,Faith & the Flood


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Noah, Faith & The Flood

A puppet play for two puppets or Vent. & one puppet

D. Hi Ronnie ! Great to see you this morning. You're just in time.

R. What for ?

D. Well I'm just about to tell the children about Noah and the big flood.

R. Yeah, well everybody knows that story...

(sound like a seal..) ark ! ark ! ..animals and a big boat. So what's so interesting about that ?

D. It's a true story about real people and helps us learn about faith.

R. I thought it was about Noah !

D. Well, Noah had faith- he believed all that God told him to do. I mean he must have looked pretty strange building this huge boat and then gathering all the animals to go on board.. all because God told him to .

R. Exactly. Did Noah really have a son called Ham ? (Did he pig-out ? Not much "sun-bacon" ! )

D. Noah did have a son called Ham and he also took his other two sons..

R. (interrupting) Pickles and Jam ?

D. No, Shem and Japheth . Their wives went with them into the ark as well. Then the rain started to fall.

R. 40 days and 40 nights... and no-o water restrictions.

D. Yes Ronnie but the sad thing was that all the people who wouldn't listen to God's warnings and kept disobeying Him, were drowned. Only Noah and all those on the Ark were kept safe.

R. Is that where faith come in ? I mean believing that God is going to look after you - even when you're stuck with your family and lots of animals surrounded by water.

D. It was 150 days before the water started to go down and until finally God brought them to a safe place to begin a new life.

R. It must have been hard to keep trusting God...(getting faster) . Trusting that there would be enough food for all the animals...faith to believe that Noah wasn't nuts/"waco" and that he really did hear God and do all that he'd been told. .. Faith to believe it would all work out OK in the end.

D. Well Ronnie it sounds like you really do know a lot about this story already.

R. I guess I do. The part that I still don't get is that we still talk about Noah, the ark and the rainbow even today. It make a puppet think doesn't it ?

D. It helps us all think a bit more about trusting God.

D. Well after all that talk about boats and water I'm feeling a bit seasick.. I don't think I'll be able to eat my special sandwich.

D. Ham?

R. No-ah, chicken. Cya !


Don Stott, Eliab.com, 2002

Q.What was the animal Noah couldn't trust ?

A. The cheetah


Noah, Faith, Trust

Genesis 7&8,

Noah Chant