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Love Your Neighbour


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Love Your Neighbour

(This skit was used as an introduction to talking about the theme of "love your neighbour" using the "Good Samaritan" story.  Luke 10:25-37)

D. Hi  there Ronnie. How are you ?

R. Oh, I'm fine...at least I think so .

D. What do you mean "you think so "? You look O.K.

R. Yeah well, I feel O.K. ..except for my double vision. Is that a problem ?

D. Let me see .. double vision. YOU HAVEN'T GOT DOUBLE VISION !

R. Yes I have . Yes I have.

D. But Ronnie you can't have.  Alright.. How many fingers am I holding up ?

R. Right hand or left hand ?

D. Left hand. (holds up 2 fingers)

R. Two fingers.  Oh no I have got double vision..Look , there's two microphones.

D. No Ronnie calm down. That's exactly right.

/R. Are you sure ?? (pause & then   turns head to look into space) What about you ??

D. Look Ronnie, I'm sure your're OK but if you loke I'll take you to the optomotrist to have your eyes checked.

R. But they've always been blue.

D. No, the optomotrist will make sure that everythings alright and that you can see perfectly well.

R. Well that's very kind of you. Mr. S. Are you sure you can afford the time ?

D. It's fine Ronnie. I just want to make sure that you have peace of mind.

R. Well I'm fine now....at least I think so...

D. (aside ) Not again.   ..You look great Ronnie !

R. Yes well I feel OK ...apart from my problem with my ...and....my heart palpitations.

D. HEART PALPITATIONS !  I'm sure you don't have heart palpitations !

R. Yes I do... ever since I ...met....Jennifer.(Jennifer is a puppet) "Bump, bump,swish" !

D. You don't say. Well I'll take you to get that checked as well.

R. What would an optomotrist know about ..."bump,bump,swish"....people with heart problems ?  sob...sob.. (puppetears)

D. Look I'll tell you what I'll do. I can see you're upset. Is there anything else before I take you to see Dr.Puppetov ?

R. Well...I was wondering about my buck tooth..Is that still worth a dollar ?

D. Time to go Ronnie. Good to see you smiling again.
R. Thank you so much. Your such a good friend ! ..always willing to help me when I need you.

By the way is plastic surgery expensive ?

D. Why ?

R. I was thinking I might be able to afford paying for an 'extreme makeover' for you. Fix those sagging eyelids..nose (moving off)....

D. I didn't know he cared ! Who are the people you really care about ?

How do you help them when they need someone to be their friend ?

© Don Stott, www.Eliab.com, 2004

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