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 4 Characters -Grandpa (Pa), Grandma (Ma),Mouse (Mitzy),Cat (Louis)


Ma : (entering).. Are you there Pa? (louder).. ARE YOU THERE PA ?

Pa: Yes, I'm here. I've just been finishing off my newest invention.

Ma: That's nice dear..Not the musical toilet roll ? or was it the mousetrap with air bag ?

Pa: (getting worked up) .. No this invention is far more exciting ! (like a sneeze) Oh, Oh, Oh, I'm so excited !

Ma: Now you just calm yourself down you know it's no good for your heart.

Pa : I'm fine Ma. I've just thought up a bridge that goes halfway across a river and then turns back for people who change their minds.(or nuclear "panadol" for atomic ache or a revolving lawnmower..)

Ma: That's nice dear. Now I'm going to go down the street shopping and I want you to watch out for the cat as he seems to have disappeared again.

Pa : (as Ma leaves) ..I'll keep an eye out for Louis.. that cat is only round when it's tea time (sleepily..) I'll just have a sit over here near the fire.. (begins to snore loudly).


Mitzy Mouse enters..

Mit: Oh I'll have to be very quiet, I don't want to wake up Pa. I'm looking for some tasty cheese.

singing......Oh cheese, cheese, cheese.

               Wonderful cheese.

               Just a wiff on the breeze,

               Gives this mouse wobbly knees,

               Oh,cheese, cheese, please !

I'll have to be on the lookout for that cat Louis. If you see him would you warn me ?  Perhaps you could call out loudly.. "Cat alert!" ( let's practice). If he catches me in those great big jaws I could end up going down the slippery dip and into the diner. That would be catastrophic !

Ma: ( enters speaking) ..Pa, are you there ? He must be outside in his workshop. I hope he hasn't exploded the rubbish bin again. (leaves)

Mitzy Mouse enters, then Louis Cat from opposite side (loud shout of "Cat alert" ) chase follows (music backing if possible )..

finally Mouse enters ( exhausted )

Mitzy: Wow he nearly caught me. I thought I was going to be mince mouse for sure. (thinking).. What am I going to do ? All this chasing everyday. I'm worn out..but what about Louis ? He's getting so old he'll probably sleep for weeks. Maybe it's time I tried to talk to him. I know, I'll write him a note.. "Meet me at the fridge. signed Mitzy Mouse." Do you think he'll come boys and girls ? (Mouse leaves)

Louis enters.. (Cat alert).. (finds note.. reads) What's going on here ? "meet me at the fridge".. It must be a moustake !

Mitzy enters and starts to run away then bumps into Louis.

Louis: Ow, Ow, Ow ! My head. My whiskers. My poor paws !

Mitzy: (scared, but then gently) .. Are you alright ? Let me help you up.

Louis: Hey , you're not supposed to help me, you're supposed to run away from me. I've a good mind to eat..

Mitzy: (interupting) Do you like cheese ?

Louis (surprised ) Well yes, I guess I do.

Mitzy: Would youlike me to show you where some is ?

Louis: Really. You'd share some cheese with an old cat like me ? No more chasing then. I'm ready for a snack and a lie down.

Pa enters watching as Mitzy and Louis sing.. (tune - 3 blind mice)

Mitzy (sings) Cheese, cheese,cheese.

Louis:           Please, please,please.

Alternate..    One for Mitzy, two for Loo,

                   Nice and yummy, in my tummy

Together..     Cheese,cheese,cheese.

Cat and mouse exit..

Ma returns.. Pa enters speaking..

Pa: Guess what Ma ? You'll never, never guess. I just saw our cat and a mouse with green ears singing in the kitchen.

Ma: Tha's nice dear... I think it might be time for your afternoon nap.

Both exit to loud applause.


Don Stott  ,


Love your enemies

Love your neighbour