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Love - All
A vent. or puppet script for two used as an  introduction
to  teaching about loving God with all that we have.

D. Hi there Ronnie ! It's great to see you again. I’m glad you’re here.  This morning I'm asking the question  -What's the most important thing in your life right now ?

R. You mean apart from playing soccer ? I just love soccer.I was late to school the other day from dreaming about soccer. I wouldn’t have slept in except the game went into over time.

D. Well , is soccer the thing you think about the most ?

R. Let me see ....No.I think, I think more about food. In fact I think about food most  of the time.   I even think about eating  lots of doughnuts while I'm kicking  goals at soccer. Matter of fact I'm  thinking right now about what I'm going to eat  for my post breakfast snack, .before my pre morning tea snack. I'm on a  high fat diet. Mum says I'm so skinny I'll have to wear skis in the bath tub to stop me going down the plug hole. .. She's only joking though..We don't have skis...or a bathtub. I mean who wants a soggy puppet ?

D. Ronnie you might  be just the puppet to help us this morning because in a minute we're going to sing a song about loving God with all our heart, mind soul and  strength.

R. Sounds kinda messy .but if human 'beans' loved God with all that, then  God must be the most important  person for them . and even more  important than soccer or doughnuts.

D. That's right Ron. God wants everyone to give Him their  "all" -their very best.

R. That should be you  goal !

D. That’s right Ron.

R.  Can you still eat hamburgers and at the same time love God with all your  heart, mind , soul and strength while playing soccer ?

D.Yes Ronnie I’m sure you can love God while doing all those things ..as long as they don’t become the most important thing in you life. In the meantime, thanks for  dropping by this morning.

R.  That's OK . I hope your song goes well. "  Soccer to 'em !"

Bye !

D. See you later Ron !

R. See you “round” like a doughnut !

Don Stott , copyright Eliab.com



Mark 12:30

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbour as you love yourself.


Love is... song

Love your enemies