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(used as a intro to the parable of the Prodigal Son - Luke 15

Don & Dog puppet- Bentley)

Don - Hi Bentley how are you ?

Bentley - I’m great. Fantastic. Hungry!

Don - You’re always hungry. You’ll need to go on a diet soon.

B - Trouble with diets is that they snack up on you. What’s happening here this morning?

D - We’ve just been hearing the story Jesus told about a lost son.

B - Did he get off the leash ( lead)?

D - No Bentley. He left his home and family and ran off to another place far away. I once had a Collie dog that jumped a fence during a thunder storm. I drove around looking for her for ages.

B- She would have been very scared and hungry. What happened to her?

D - We rang the lost dogs home and she had been found almost two kilometres/miles from our house. I was so pleased to see her I gave her lot’s of pats...

B - and bones. So did the lost Son get found as well?

D - Yes he did. But he had wasted all his money and decided to come back home. His father was very happy. He gave him lot’s of...

B - pats and food...

D - A big hug and a welcome home party. Jesus told this story to show us that the lost son’s father is like God. God who looks out for us and welcomes us.

B - You look out for me don’t you?

D - Of course. You’re very special.

B - And you always know where to find me...

D - Number 14 Barker’s Road.






Prodigal son

Lost Son

Luke 15:11-32

Lost & found