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Puppet script for either 2 puppets -one is Monty Mouse or Monty + adult. This script was used in a Family Worship service  to introduce a theme of helping our friends.

D: Hi Monty ! I haven't seen you for ages. Where have you been hiding ?

Monty: My legs are so tired. I've been up for hours, worrying.. I'm really concerned about my friend, Nic-the rat.

D: Why's that ?

M: Well, I haven't seen him for the last week.

D : Where does he hang out ?

M: He's usually somewhere near this church. That's why I'm here this morning. Have you seen him ??

D: Sorry. No I haven't. Let me ask the girls and boys..

"Have you seen Nic girls and boys ?"

Perhaps he's hiding from you...He could even be in the organ.

M: I don't think so.. Nic's not into that "organic" stuff. ..besides he's into "Rat music". None of that classical stuff like "Ratmananov." Oh dear, I'm so exhausted, my little legs are going all quivery.

D: Why don't you sit down and rest for awhile, I'm sure he'll turn up safe and well. Maybe he just Nicked off for awhile ?

M: No...no, I must find him. I can't stop now. I can't sleep at night when I think of what might have happened to him. ..I'm so confused.. I even dreamed he was sleeping on a bed of rose petals smelling sweet. Where could he be ??

D: Listen Monty, why don't you let me look with you. That way I'm sure we'll find him soon.

M: Would you really help me ? That's such a relief.

D: Sure I will. That's what friends are for. We'll find him together !

M: O.K. then let's start now. Once I find him I have to find his wife Nicole and his five children ,not to mention Grandma, Grandpa .. and the university boarder..

D.(they start searching, D finds a note...) Hey Monty I found something... a note...signed Nic in big letters.

M. Well read it quick ! What does he say ? Is he alright ?

D. It says .." Dear Monty, sorry my email is not working ,we have gone to visit Grandrat who is not well. See you early next week". signed NIC.

M. What a relief. They're all O.K. ...Oh thank you for being here to help me. I was imagining a "ratastrophy".

D  That's fine Monty. Now I think it's time you and I sat down and had a nice cup of tea. Come on.

As Monty goes off t he Leader then leads into a song about friendship or comments on how it helps to have not only people concerned about you but also willing to help in a time of need. Jesus helps us when we need a friend to understand and to talk to.

Don Stott. copyright Eliab.com

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