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WHAT is LENT ? - Skit for either 2 puppets of Vent and puppet. To introduce Lent.

Ronnie (R) & Don (D)

D. Hi Ronnie. How's it going ?

R. Great Thanks Mr. Stott. I'm stoked !

D. You look it. Hey, I've got a special question I want to ask you today. ..like a quiz..

R. Do I have to answer ?

D. Well let's just see if you know the answer first.

R. Can I phone friend ?....on my puppet mobile ?

D. Here's the question. Ready ? (deliberately) What is Lent ?

R. (thinks..) O.K. I know I borrowed your  Gameboy but I'll bring it back tomorrow.

D. No Ronnie, it's not what have I LENT you . It's something else.

What is LENT ?

R. O.k, O.K....(slowly leaning sideways with fun expression then..)

"I'm not always this way inclined. "

D. Not lent over..What is LENT ?

R. I give up ! What is it ? Who's got it ? And who's giving it back ?

D. Well  Ronnie seeing you asked.. Lent is a special time leading up to Easter where for 40 days people prepare themselves for Easter by remembering about Jesus death and Resurrection. Some people even take time to fast during Lent.

R. Well I do too, especially on my new roller blades. I go really fast.

D. Oh Ronnie, going ON a fast is a bit different. Fasting is when people give up eating or something else special to them so that they can use the eating time to pray or think about God and all He's done.

R. That's hard...and fast. So what are you giving up ? What are you fasting ?

D. Well I'm going to go without my breakfasts on Monday mornings during Lent.

R. So you won't break...fast on Monday's ?

D. You've got it now ! Some boys and girls might even fast by giving up watching T.V or playing computer games for a while.

R. No T.V.!! (Ron starts to go all shaky)

D. It's alright Ron calm down,I don't expecrt puppets to fast.

R. Does that mean you won't be needing your Gameboy back straight away you lent me ?

D. I guess you can borrow it till after Easter.

R. I must go now. I hope you all have a very special Lent. (aside.). I might even try a fast from weak jokes.

D. See you later Ron.


Don Stott, Feb 2002

Lent, Lenten



Easter Chant