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Judging Others


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Judging Others

A script for a puppet or vent. doll (R) and puppeteer (D) or 2 puppets.

D. What's up Ronnie ? You don't look too good.

R. I'm still half asleep. I kept getting woken up all last night.

     (yawns...) I'm so...tired.

D. Why couldn't you get to sleep ?

R. (sparking up a bit...) Our neighbours have got a new watchdog called "Seiko"..He should be called "Psycho" , he kept barking loudly all night.

D. I'm sure the dog will settle down in a couple of days when he gets to know the place.  He'll probably sleep all day.

R. A couple of days..I can't wait that long. I'm going to pay them back now.  I think the dog's a Doberman Pincher. Well I'm going to "pincher his doberman"

D. Hang on a minute Ronnie. I hope your not going to do something silly.

R. You don't know our neighbours. They're hopeless ! They never bring in their rubbish bin on time. They've got a security light that switches on every time I climb up on the fence. Also, my best tennis ball was chewed up by their lawn mower. Their son Scotty always has to be first when he plays on our computer.

D. And do you ever annoy him ?

R. Well last week he banged on the fence interrupting my trumpet practice.

D. Ronnie do you ever stop to think that sometimes we're too quick to blame other people instead of looking at the things that we do which might  irritate other people.

R. You mean like putting frogs in my little sisters bath ? ...She was hopping mad. ...

D. (Nods)

R. Yeah, ...I suppose you're right. I can be a bit of a show-off at times.

D. No one, except God is perfect. We all do things which hurt  other people's feelings at times and we need God's help to see our own faults . Sometimes we don't even realize we're being unkind.

R. ( drifting off to sleep...) OK ,OK, I'll try to be a bit more understanding. I guess paying people back doesn't solve anything really..Hopefully their dog is just as tired as I am.

D. I hope you can have a really good sleep. I guess you won't need to count any sheep to get to sleep.

R. No. I'll count chocolate sheep, (yawns) .."mars-bars" ! G'night.


Don Stott, Eliab.com, 2002