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It's Father's Day!


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It's Father's Day!

(R= Ronny - puppet and D= Don)

D. Hi Ronny! Great to see you. How are you going?

R. Not bad at all. Especially today.

D. Why's that?

R. Well don't you know? Today is Father's Day!! Do you know what the young tuba said to his dad on Father's Day? Oompa pa.

 I'm so excited about the present I've just bought my dad- 'Ronsenior'

D. And what would that be Ronny?

R. I've bought something for the puppet dad who has everything. Well almost everything except the thing I've bought him.

D. Which is?

R. A 'mobile fern'.

D. A mobile phone.

R. No, a 'mobile fern'. It's something really really new. It has batteries and a tiny little motor and wheels on the bottom of the pot. Every 24 hours the fern rolls forward a metre or so.

D. Well I'm sure Dad will be very excited about that! 

     (aside) It sounds really moving.

R. But wait, there's more. We're having a party at lunchtime today and my little sister Ronnetta and my big sister Ronnabelle have made a 'chocolatte' cake.

D. Some of us are going to celebrate with our dads or grandads later today but now we're here at church giving thanks to our 'Heavenly Father'. I guess every Sunday is a kind of Father's Day as we sing songs of worship and thanks to God our Father.

R. Do you think he'd like a 'mobile fern' too?

D. A good idea Ronnie but I think Father God would like us just to give him our hearts and our lives. That would be the best present.

R. And no batteries needed.

D. That's right.

R. O.K. I'm off to wrap up my present. I left it under my bed and I've got to get home before it 'mobile's' itself to the top of the stairs.  Cya!

D. See you later Ron.


© Don Stott, http://eliab.com, 2007

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