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It's Easter !

(A short script used with a school group to introduce an Easter presentation).

D. Hi Ronnie ! How are you going ?

R. Hi Mr S. I'm going well but what are all these children doing here today ?

D. Well tomorrow is ( or next week is..) Good Friday holiday

R. Great. And I suppose today is Good Thursday...and yesterday was Good Wednesday ?

D. No Ronnie. Good Friday only happens once a year at Easter. It's a special day when when we can remember about Jesus dying on a cross.

R. I've heard something about that before. ..But just a minute ! That's not not Good Friday. That's bad isn't it ? I mean Jesus dying ..?

D. I know it sounds very sad, but the good part of it is that when Jesus died as God's Son, he made a way for all people to be friends with God again and to be forgiven for the wrong things they've done.

R. Well when do we get to eat the chocolate eggs ? You know, CHOCO-LATTE !!

Some people wait until Easter Sunday to eat their  easter eggs.

Do you know why ?

R. ...They're not hungry ??

D. The easter eggs can also remind us of Jesus coming back to life on the firest easter morning. Just like a new chicken coming out of an egg.

R. Well I know what I'm going to do with my choco-latte egg.

D. What's that ?

R. I'm going to break it into little pieces , put them in the fridge and see if I can make my egg last until school goes back.

D. You go to school do you ?

R. I'll come to this school, if they really have a day off tomorrow. Cya. Have a Good Friday and a very happy Easter !


© Don Stott, www. Eliab.com 2004

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