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Ventriloquism or puppet script for two characters-

Ronnie (vent puppet)  & Don

D. Well good morning Ronnie. It's great to see you again. Where have you been ?

R. (Ronnie dressed with hat and glasses) Hey , your not supposed to recognize me with my hat and glasses on. .. (whispering) I'm worried about being mobbed by fans.

D. But you're not that famous.

R. Not yet, but when they hear my my first CD I'll have all sorts of people wanting recording contracts.

D. I see. Well I'm afraid your disguise didn't work.

R. Perhaps I could change my voice ( now speaking lower), or my glasses, my hat... my jumper..

D. Your nose ? .. Look Ronnie why don't you want to be recognized ? You don't need to be someone else.

R. ( sounding more desperate)  Couldn't you just pretend you don't know me for a minute.

D. (playing along) Know who ?

R. Know me. Ronnie.

D. But..you're not Ronnie ! I don't know you. Ronnie has a big smile, sparkling eyes and a big red... And he keeps interupting me.

R. No ! No not yet. I'm going to come in wearing my disguise and you don't recognize me.

D. Who ? Ronnie... or you ?

R. Look, I give up ! I'm Ronnie !

D. Well take off your glasses.

R. See. See. It's me.

D. So it is.

R. At last.. Now it's time for me to go.

D. O.K. See you later Ron. .. Can I at least have your autograph ??


Leader - "Getting peoples identity right can be a problem. Sometimes we rack or brains to remember someones name. Sometimes it doesn't matter, sometimes it does. When it comes to Jesus, getting his identity right is really important."

Don Stott

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