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Pete the pig puppet & Don

This script links with Daniel and the lions.

D. Hi Pete ! What have you been doing ?

P. Just hanging around the farm, ..eating..

D. Eating  ?

P. Yeah, you know, just pigging out.

D. I noticed your pig pen was all muddy after the rain last week. Don't you ever get sick of sleeping in the dirty mud ?

P. Are you pulling my trotter ? Of course not.. Pigs love mud.

D. But what about all the left over scraps of food you get to eat. Wouldn't you like to have some nice fresh food for a change.

P. No way ! I love left-overs. ..It sounds like you've got a pig complex. We just enjoy what we've got. Can't be too choosy you know.

D. I guess it would be great to not wory about those things.

P. Take Harry the horse...he gets all upset if he can't have his food or if he gets back to the stable late and misses "Neighbours" (TV program). Poor old Harry. He's so busy trying to be the best and most important. He gets all jealous if any other horse wins ribbons at the Show.

D. We've just been hearing the story from the Bible  about Daniel.

P. Are there any pigs in the story ?

D. No but there are lions.. and wise men who are jealous of God's friend Daniel and they try to have Daniel killed.

P. What did Daniel do ?

D. He trusted in God and tried to do only what God wanted.

P. Daniel sounds very brave..just like my friend "ball point".

D. You have a friend called "ball point" ?

P. Yeah, it's just his pen name.

D. He was brave too ?

P. Well he saved a piglet from drowning last week. He just jumped into the puddle and 'pig paddled' until he saved the drowning piglet. (... He gave him snout to snout till he breathed )

D. That sound great.

P. Hey, I want to hear what happens to Daniel and de Lions before I do some sun bacon.

D. O.K. you will soon. I'll show you here in the Bible... ( leaving)


Don Stott