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Easter Intro- Hot Cross Buns

Vent puppet Ronnie & Don, plate with HC buns on.

R. What's that amazing smell ?

D. Probably the Hot Cross bun which I'm about to eat.

R. Gee, it smells really great . I bet it would taste very yummy !

D. Yes I expect so. I'm going to find out soon.

R. Hot Cross buns look nice with sultanas. All brown and crisp ..with melted butter on top. What a pity we don't have them at other times apart from Easter.

D. ( picking up bun) You can buy ..and eat buns like this at other times of the year but they don't have a cross on top.

R. Why do they have that ? Is it a secret ingredient ?

D. No, in th olden days the ancient Greeks used to make buns like these to sell to people. The Christians added the cross on top of them during the time we call Lent and on Good Friday. (holding up bun).  It's  there to show us that Jesus died on a cross of wood for us.

R. So it's a special reminder of Jesus death ?

D. That's right.

R. We can all share in that.. Does that include sharing  our Hot Cross buns ??

D. You mean this fresh, butter covered, yummy bun ?

Would you like some ?

R. I thought you 'd never ask !


Don Stott

Q. What did the egg say to the blender ?

A. I know when I'm beaten.



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