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Follow the Leader

A puppet skit for two puppets or one puppet &  1 Adult.

Don : Ronnie, where have you been ? Look at your clothes !  They're filthy !

Ronnie : Well , I tripped and fell in a mud puddle.

D. In your good clothes ?

R. There wasn't time to take them off.

D. Where did this happen ?

R. Over at the tip.

D. The tip ?

R. Yes. the big rubbish dump.  Peppi and I were collecting things. See what I found ? A cup  !

D. (picks up the cup to discover it has no bottom) That's very nice...say, look at this. The cup doesn't have a bottom.

R. That's all right . I drink out of the saucer.

D. This is hopeless. I think you should throw this rubbish away. What were you doing at the rubbish dump anyway ?

R. Well, we planned to go on a trip.

D. A trip ?  A trip to where ?

R. Here's the map...

D. Do I follow the dotted line ?

R. Follow the what ?

D. The dotted line ? You know what a dotted line is ?

R. Yes. It's a leopard. We have them out in Africa... dots all over them...

D. Not a dotted lion ? A dotted line ... this line ...is this where you went ?

R. Yes that's right. Up the street, across the park, down the lane, through the rubbish dump, along the road to here.

D. Ronnie, I'm surprised that all that happened to you was falling in a mud puddle... that's a long and difficult trip.

R. It wasn't too bad. I just followed Peppi. He knew the way and how to get there... I went following the leader, the leader, following the leader. That's how I found the way.

D. Well, I'm glad you had a good leader. Right now you can find your way up to the bathroom and get into the tub.

R. Aw, have I got to ? Only  my clothes are dirty.

D. Young man , when did you last wash behind your ears /

R. When did I last wash behind my ears ? Er..... I think it was last Sunday.

D. Get upstairs and wash.

R. All right. I'll go and play ring around the bath tub !

D. (Looking at the map ) Up the street, across the park... I don't know how he managed  it....  through the rubbish dump...oh, well if he followed Peppi, that explains it.

Do you know that Christians are supposed to follow the Leader ?

It says in God's word, the Bible....be followers of God. Christians are supposed to follow God as their leader.

 I imagine Peppi led Ronnie over places where it was hard to follow... and it isn't always easy to follow Jesus. Sometimes it's hard to be a good Christian. Do you know what Jesus wants his followers to do ? The Bible says : "Love as Christ has loved us ." We follow the Lord Jesus by loving.

Well I best go and check on Ronnie in the bathroom. He's very quiet.

(calling) Ronnie ! Ronnie!

R. Yes?

D. Are you having a wash ?

R. No. I'm not.

R. Well, why not ?

R. Because I don't have any soap.

D. That's no excuse. Don't you have a tongue ?

R. Yes , but I'm not a cat ! I'm not going to lick myself clean...

D. That's not what I meant at all ... I'll come up and show you where the soap is.   Bye everyone.


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